Treya Brown

Treya Brown

Acting / MA

The question everyone asks: How did you get into acting? The answer: through forensic speech and theatre, which drew me in as a sophomore in high school, and kindled my love of performance.

Growing up in “The Bible Belt”, a career in entertainment was not deemed an honorable pursuit. The two jobs befitting a woman were, and probably still are, teaching and nursing. I never had the desire to teach and I am surely not the person you want to come to if your child is sick. So, I did what I was good at, what kept me going when I didn’t know if I could weather the storm that occasionally descended upon me.

Although my family has always supported me throughout my creative endeavors, they wanted me to have a Plan B that “God wouldn’t look down upon.” So, I received a B.A. in Speech Communications, which gave me the opportunity to perform on stage, debating in national contests. I was good at, garnering two national championship titles, and publishing two scholarly articles. Minoring in theater performance, I landed lead and juicy supporting roles, but being a part-time actress was not enough.

One cold December evening in 2017, while drinking hot apple cider with my oldest friend, we decided that I would audition at The URTAs and Satellites. After jumping through hoops and hurdles of the programs that recruited me, I found utter solace in knowing that I would soon become an Acting MA scholarship recipient and candidate for the graduating class of 2020 at Academy of Art University.

I thrived there. Studying under Academy Award-winning and nominated filmmakers, and working professionals, my range as a performer grew, playing sassy roles in broad comedies, and despairing characters in distress in gut-wrenching dramas. I am in the finishing stages of my one-woman show, which I have workshopped both before and during COVID times.

The uncertain times brought on by the pandemic have not put a dent in my drive. I’ve been perfecting my vocal techniques for voice acting, writing plays and prose, and performing courtesy of Zoom.

In my spare time, I release myself into the rhythmic tunes of Prince, Little Dragon, and my personal favorite Lalah Hathaway, whose voice is as rich as chocolate and smooth as butter. I dive deep into J.R. Wards’ stories of the soul-lusting, blood-sucking Black Dagger Brotherhood vampire world.

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