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About School of Art Education

Teachers who inspire a new generation of artists.

The best teachers are lifelong learners. At Academy of Art University's School of Art Education, students become both skilled artists, as well as dynamic and innovative educators.

Our comprehensive program creates energetic leaders who are ready to share their passion, creativity, and knowledge with their students. Through hands-on fieldwork in classrooms, museums and community settings, students develop inspirational artistry and sound teaching techniques that lead to success in their classrooms.

M.A. in Art Education Capstone Project

Our School of Art Education Masters in Art Education Capstone Project is a multifaceted assignment that serves as a culminating academic, artistic, and intellectual experience at the end of our MA program. Our Capstone is designed to integrate and expand upon the foundation of knowledge acquired throughout the School of Art Education program.

This project-based two-course sequence includes the conception, planning, development, implementation, and documentation of an original art education program. Students have freedom to decide WHO their students are, WHAT they will teach, WHERE it will happen and HOW the program will run.

Students create a five-minute documentary that showcases their original art program. This video also includes a two-minute autobiography which highlights the student’s art portfolio.

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