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Cassandra Robinson

Cassandra Robinson

Animation & Visual Effects / MFA

Cassandra Robinson became hooked on Visual Effects Compositing when she saw Lord of the Rings. It was fascinating to see the animation creating a reality people can only dream about. It was just enough to increase her curiosity and she wanted more. Understanding how in Benjamin Button (2008) the aging baby appeared so realistic, she knew this must be her career direction.

Completing a Master of Fine Arts in Visual Effects - Compositing has given Cassandra the skills in software such as Nuke and texture/lighting in Maya. she was fortunate to become a member of StudioX, which is a production company of the University working on individual and advanced student thesis films. This was invaluable in understanding the real-world production pipeline, collaborate with creative teams, producers, and dailies while focusing on compositing. Her skills in computer design and animation techniques have enhanced her abilities to create dramatic effects as well as incorporating CGI in her work.

She has many skills in film production, design, compositing 2D/3D animation, and storytelling, has given her a good foundation in visual effects. She also has training in After Effects, Maya, MODO, Dynamics Digital Photography, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Web Design.

Cassandra loves developing stories, designing characters, and manipulating images and films, which is why she enjoys compositing. Although her skills as a director helps in organizing and bringing scenes to life, her first desire has always been in digital art and visual effects. There was a time when those two subjects did not mix very well but today, they go hand in hand and make everything unimaginable become reality in film, games, and animation.

She wants to continue learning more about the technical aspects of bringing live film, computer graphics, and images to life on the screen. She hopes one day to make an impact somewhere with these skills.

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