Giulia Mcisaac

Animation & Visual Effects / BA

As a 2D animator and background artist, Giulia Mcisaac has enjoyed creating funny and visually appealing stories about everyday tasks. Most people know the feeling of having to pay bills or having to do laundry, but how to capture a relatable feeling with an audience while adding interesting elements to said mundane tasks is the motivation behind her art.

In order to pay rent, maybe pawning off inter-dimensional or galactic artifacts might help or, when doing laundry, the missing socks go to a therapy group for socks that have lost their match in the wash. While animating or illustrating her ideas, I’m always trying to combine a simple task with elements entirely unrelated to said task. This way, every story is fun and zany, while resonating with large audiences. Life can be boring at times, so Giulia Mcisac goal is to create stories that help spice up even the dullest parts of life.

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