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Mark Alan Bredall

Mark Alan Bredall

Animation & Visual Effects / BFA

The wonder of Animation has always persisted in Mark Alan Bredall’s life. In their childhood, early mornings were spent drawing the characters I'd see on-screen. In his youth, he would compile Power Point slides into video editing software and create crude animation.

As a young adult, he completed his BFA at the Academy of Art University in 2D Animation. As a recent graduate, he has gathered experience as a professional artist in multiple settings. He has studied traditional and puppet animation, producing animated sequences rough and clean according to professors' and director's feedback.

During his time as a student, he has contributed to multiple school productions. He was a key animator, clean-up animator, and production assistant on Studio X's The Ribbon. The lead animator invited him during my first semester, and he continued with them for four years. He capitalized on the opportunities that the Academy of Art Story Club gave him. He became a story artist, successfully pitching a web episode for The SF Junior Giants FoodieCats. Addionally, he became a Pre-Production Lead on The SF Junior Giants FoodieCats, overseeing episodes that were prepared for pitch. He unified the stories stylistically, keeping them on-brand and confirming their validity of Animation based on our resources. He managed assets and approved them for modeling, coordinated with faculty staff, attended various pitch meetings. He is experienced in developing ideas for numerous school productions, including pitches for the series Hi, I'm Steve and original story concepts.

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