Monica Ramsey

Animation & Visual Effects / BA

Monica Ramsey just finished her fourth year at the Academy of Art. She is getting her BFA in 2D animation. She had been studying animation since she was in high school. She had taken a college program during high school called Silicon Valley Career Technical Education or SVCTE for short. During that time, she mastered the basics of 2D animation on the program called Adobe Animate. Since then, during her time studying at the Academy of Art, she now knows how to use ToonBoom Animation, Adobe Photoshop, and After Effects. She collaborated in a 2D animation studio called StudioX with the school and the teachers. The first project she had worked on was Dragons of Malgor. She had created 2D puppets in Adobe Animate and used those puppets to animate. On the second project called Ribbon, she cleaned up animation, animated the shadows, clouds, and some foxes. She added already done character animation to the scenes and even composited in Adobe After Effects. She also has experience working with a skin company called ELSI Beauty as their illustrator for Instagram and their website.

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