Patrick Connolly

Animation & Visual Effects / BFA

Patrick Connolly is a US Navy veteran pursuing a BFA in 2D animation. He can say he genuinely is addicted to animating; he pursues every drawing he sketches with the mentality of it moving. To Patrick, his drawings are only useful if it will animate well. It is in this passion that he has chosen to pursue 2D animation. In an era dominated by 3D movies, Patrick seeks to keep the flames of 2D animation burning bright. He aims to showcase and elevate the heart behind 2D works and inspire the budding youth of today with his work, as the cartoons and movies of his childhood did for him. Patrick wants the heroes and heroines of his stories to shape what kind of people those who watch them want to be when they grow up. He knows there’s a lot of room for impact, and he wants to make that impact, a deep and meaningful one.

Patrick is skilled in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Animate, and After Effects as well as: Zbrush, Toonboom, and Tvpaint. Through these programs, he has gained practical artistry and techniques that apply to many forms of animation and design, such as 2d animation, 3d modeling, stop motion animation, photo manipulation, and compositing, character and layout designs, as well as graphic design.

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