Tseng Yen Chia

Animation & Visual Effects / MFA

Tseng Yen Chia earned his MFA in 3D character animation at the
Academy of Art University, where he learned to master the skills and aesthetics of timing and spacing, beautiful poses and nice staging.

He has always enjoyed stories and storytelling using all kinds of media. He put his skills to the test when he created an animated short film project called Crashed. He built a team of artists and the team developed the story, pipeline and animations. He animated 30 shots and ran technical tests to ensure the rigs worked accordingly. Part of the challenge of launching a big project is finding additional artists to take over when team members graduate. He will continue working on production meetings and help supervise the film’s project, even as an alumnus of the Academy. He believes these experiences have helped develop strengths in communication skills and teamwork.

After graduation, Tseng worked for The Third Floor Inc. He was able to learn how to animate cameras professionally to create great storytelling scenes, learned the techniques of cleaning up Mo-Cap animations nicely and augmenting
them to key animations. With these techniques he could quickly visualize a shot so that the director could see what needed to be changed in a real production. In the project team they were also asked to communicate with asset builders if modifcations were needed and helped reach decision regarding those assets with supervisors.

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