Yi-Hsuan Wu

Animation & Visual Effects / MFA

Ivy Yi-Hsuan Wu is an international student from Taiwan, studying visual effects at Academy of art in San Francisco. She is a compositor at Studio X, and she has produced several visual effects shots for films, TV shows and music videos since 2018.

Before she came to United States, Ivy studied in Fu Jen Catholic University and majored in Communication Arts, which included films, TV shows, and new Media. She participated in multiple independent student productions as production assistant and assistant art director, and she was the lead visual designer for the 19th Communication Arts graduation exhibition.

Ivy has been fascinating about the art of film since first time she been introducing to it, and decided to be part of the industry. She is passionate about producing beautiful scenes by technology, and she is exciting to join the team with talented artists to create the fantastic world by visual effects in the future.

Spring Awards winner: Matte Painting

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