Yushi Kobuchi

Animation & Visual Effects / BFA

Yushi Kobuchi is a dynamics artist. He has studied dynamics since 2014, including self-study. Yushi uses Houdini, Maya, RealFlow, and so on. He loves Japanese arts such as Anime, Kaiju, and Japanese Video games. Mr. Kobuchi likes to make complex Dynamics scenes and believes that the design of Dynamics scenes has death and love. It has abstract, preciousness, ephemeral, and historically evolving nature. The ephemeral destruction has a relationship with humans and nature. Some of them are the Asian arts. They show temporary representations of intangible concepts, such as Japanese “Wabisabi.” He works in Studio X that is a faculty-mentored experience, and it emulates a real-world animation and a VFX production environment. Yushi worked on a short animated project called, “Lost Song” as an FX Artist. The FX scenes influenced him, along with other films and music videos.

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