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Reclaiming Maiden Lane

Reclaiming Maiden Lane

Experiencing spaces through the senses

Bachelor of Architecture Thesis Project

Philip Ra, AIA
Mini Chu
B.Arch Thesis Commendation

Music used to be a means of bringing community together, combining the interactive aspects of society with the performance atmosphere of outdoor concerts. Now, we see performance spaces separating social space from event space. We no longer interact during a performance, perhaps not until the event is over, as we gather in the concourse outside of the facility. The value of musical events is to bring together an audience with a common interest, yet the audience is unable to discuss this interest during the event. If we pay attention to the concourse and merge it with the event space, we would be creating a cohesive space that allows for large communal gatherings with an emphasis on social interaction, thus creating an atmosphere that drives people to engage with one another in a more public setting.

By utilizing the forgotten space in the city that contains the acoustic properties similar to concert halls, public entertainers will be given the opportunity to produce and perform for the community within an open, public location. This will begin to act as the merger for both event and community space; blurring the line and creating an atmosphere that engages the public in a multi-sensory experience, engaging in social interaction, creating the community aspect that is lacking within the busy city.

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