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Caden Spilsbury

Communications & Media Technologies / BA

Hi. I'm Caden Spilsbury. I am a Graduate from Academy of Art University, studying video production and animation.

I've lived my whole life as an introvert that would only go out to pursue my passions. My social life consisted of friends I made through baseball and movie fan groups online. Growing up overweight, baseball has been a huge motivator for me getting through school and through bullying. I received scholarships from 2 schools with great baseball programs and amazing academic programs that guided me to a successful path of my #1 passion. Movies.

From a young age, I have always been fascinated with film. I'm very grateful I was raised in a house of movie lovers. At the age of 10, I remember using the family video camera to shoot short movies with my friends. This definitely gave me a head start in school as I caught along with film production quickly. I have explored many different aspects of film through different classes I took at Academy of Art. Classes from Post production, on camera, set production, to visual effects and animating my own characters. I have produced over a dozen original idea stories and I have a book of other ideas coming soon.

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