Shown at NYFW, BITS collection features zero waste and waste reduction research using creative pattern making. Inspired by the moving shadows spotted during sunny walk on San Francisco streets.
Process: Shadows inspired applique ideation. Fabric research.
Process: Fitting and assigning fabrics
Process: Shapes and silhouette ideation
Process: Shapes ideation
NYFW 2019 Lineup
Look 2: Shadow waves
Look 1: Sun Spot
Process: Details development
Look 3: Night Shadows
Look 4 (worn with Maxi Coat): Dark Spot
Look 4: Walk Away From The Sun
Look 5: Dancing in the Shades
Look 7 (worn with Cocoon Coat): Sun Kissed
Look 6: Shadows Don't Sleep
Look 7: Walk Towards The Sun
Yaryna Zhuk

Yaryna Zhuk

Fashion / MFA

Yaryna Zhuk was born and raised in Ukraine. From age 9 she started to study drawing, painting, and sculpture. She studied embroidery at one of the country's best I. Trush Lviv State College of Decorative and Fine Arts.

After working in embroidery field for 8 years, Yaryna decided to move to United States and continue her education, advance her skills, and launch her career in sustainable luxury fashion. Zhuk graduated from prestigious Academy of Art University, presenting her collection"Blooming In The Shadows" at NYFW in 2019.

Yaryna Zhuk's ideation process is inspired by sudden moments and unique observations. She defines her architectural silhouettes through an extensive 3D development and draping.
Her aesthetic is an image of confident and elegant women that knows what she wants and does not hide behind her outfit.
Sustainability is central for Yaryna Zhuk's work. Minimizing waste, labor, and studying fibers decomposition are just a few of the methods she considers for her development.

Quality and workmanship of the designs is realized through tailoring, fabric manipulation. Zhuk applies her artistic vision with creative pattern making, and pattern engineering skills to create zero waste details. her designs are a perfect balance of conceptual, high quality, and wearable fashions.

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