Waste muslin toile, cut and draped, with knitwear, leather, and wastepaper manipulation
Knitwear, wool, and organza with wastepaper lining and bra
L to R. Look 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10.
L to R. Looks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Coat and 5 Knitwear dress
Leather, wool and knitwear. Knitwear sample for Look 5 Knitwear dress
Waste muslin toile, and paper manipulation, cut and draped.
Wastepaper manipulation, knitwear and leather
Three different looks and a knitwear sample for Look2
Various Knitwear, wastepaper, with leather shoulder pads and cuffs
Waster paper manipulation, combined with leather and blue wool short pants
Look5 coat and knitwear dress with fabric samples
Knitwear sample at left, black wool with waste paper manipulation and knitwear
Look 8 back, and silhouette studies with draped wastepaper and knitwear swatch.
Cut waste muslin toile for silhouette inspiration. Look 10 front and side.
Look 9 front, back and side. Silhouette studies in waste muslin toile.
Yongmei Zhao

Yongmei Zhao

Fashion / MFA

In China, I had a successful career in fashion design that made me proud and happy. But three years ago, I faced a turning point, reminding me of my dream to one day become a world-famous fashion designer.
Over two years of study in the United States broadened my horizon, exposed me to many new people and things, and greatly changed my design thinking.
I want to contribute something to society besides good design, so I pay attention to environmental issues and remind myself to have a sense of social responsibility. This Scavengers project is the culmination of my career and continued education. I hope to inspire people to hold onto traditional craft culture. There is a lot of new technology in the modern age, but many old technologies and techniques that should never be forgotten. At the same time, I encourage people to use their own waste clothing for re-construction, in a joint effort to reduce pollution and preserve our heritage.

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