Can Rong

Industrial Design Winter Show 2020 / MA

Hello! I’m Can.........

I am an industrial design student at AAU, though I’m originally from the beautiful city of Chengdu, China. My career in design was born out of my obsession with tinkering and building, as well as my visually oriented creativity. I love to solve problems, and my multicultural life experience has provided me with a unique perspective on how things work, or how they could work. Ultimately, I strive to create designs that will enhance users’ lives and build inspiring, meaningful product experiences.

Product Description:

House planting 101 is a foldable indoor gardening workstation designed for beginners who want to start planting as a new hobby or people who don’t have a proper location to work on their plant. This product is built in two parts. The first is a foldable tray for the user to work on their plant and hold all the dirt and water, making the cleaning process easier. The second part is a multi-function gardening tool that helps the user work on their plant. This product does not revolutionize gardening; however, it provides a smooth introduction for beginners and people living in tight spaces. At the end of product's life cycle the user can put it in compost.

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