Jaeyoung Kim

Industrial Design Winter Show 2020 / BFA

Hello! My name is Jaeyoung Kim, and I am a Transportation Design Student at the Academy of Art University. I am passionate about creating hands-on objects; on my own. I discovered studying car design gives you both experiences. I can design my own car, and model it physically and
digitally. Sculpting models is like therapy. I enjoy doing it so much.
My passion will only grow stronger. I absolutely cannot wait what to see what my future holds.


This project focuses on 3D modeling. I designed a luxury electric sedan for the brand Lucid. This vehicle is called "Lagom". Lagom is a Swedish word that translates to "In-Moderation" and "In-Balance" and "Perfect-simple". I chose that word because the brand identity of Lucid is perfect, simple, and clean. And this corresponds with the word "Lagom". I built a 3D model from Alias first and moved to Vred for rendering.

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