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Alana Louise Miller

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My name is Alana Miller, and I am working toward my MA in Industrial Design. With a BA in Design Studies, emphasis in Interior Design, I come to the Academy of Art University with an academic background that supports and enhances my current degree program. Having the opportunity to study these seemingly disparate areas was the genesis of my realization that with unlimited imagination, there are unlimited design possibilities in everything that we do. I first developed this philosophy during my undergraduate studies, and it has subsequently unleashed for me a world of unlimited design possibilities.

I believe that design can be inspired by our surroundings and activities. I love embracing creativity in all its forms. Whether it’s choreographing a dance, designing production sets for films, making art, or designing logos, I’m constantly using the right side of my brain. In addition, I love learning about other cultures, ancient architecture, marine animals, the outdoors, and more recently, biomimicry.

By using all of my interests as inspiration, my imagination runs wild with potential design concepts for the products and experiences I can create using the skills I’m learning in the MA in Industrial Design program: UNLIMITED IMAGINATION. UNLIMITED DESIGN.

Lumière Coasters

In many countries, sugar cane and seaweed are abundant sources of food for millions of people. Utilizing these natural products as something other than food can expand our thinking about how the earth’s resources can be used and conserved. Manufacturing a lamp or other household product from these biodegradable materials is better for the environment, as well as an inexpensive and sustainable alternative to plastic. I have developed a revolutionary new material that can be cheaply and sustainably produced from sugar cane or seaweed. Its potential to transform industry and ensure the future of the planet is enormous.

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