Eco Block

Eco Block

Integrated Campaign

IAD students design a sustainable City Block (270' x 500') as a high density, mixed-use development where all required resources (food production, water capture, energy generation coupled with a closed-loop water and waste recycling system) are incorporated on the site itself.


Brittany Jarjour / BFA

Michaela Torres / BFA


Nadya Savitri Kosasih / BFA

Aishwarya Saraf / MA

Eco Broccoli

Jehad Alomran / MA Architecture

Andy Song / BFA

Richard Wu / BFA


Amy Wu / MA

Mia Sun / MFA

Sammie Theppabute / MA

Shikha Prajapati / MA


Sam Yu / BFA

Cassie Gu / BFA

Tianyue Li / BFA

Jayden Lu / BFA

Fruit Club

Phuong Mai / BFA

Poochisa Asavakraikul / BFA

Janice Liu / BFA

Jennie Le / BFA

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