Hotel Karl Project Presentation
Hotel Karl Reception View
Hotel Karl Reception & Seating
Hotel Karl Seated Area
Hotel Karl Cocktail Lounge
Hotel Karl Cocktail Lounge
Hotel Karl Guest Room
Process Sketches
The Hope Community Center Presentation
The Hope Community Center Cafe Seating
The Hope Community Center Lobby
The Hope Community Center Level 2 Computer Lab
The Hope Community Center Level 2 Office Reception
The Hope Community Center Atrium
Process Sketches
Winthrop Care Medical Office Presentation
Winthrop Care Medical Office Entrance View
Winthrop Care Medical Office Reception Desk
Winthrop Care Medical Office Children's Corner
Winthrop Care Medical Office Nurse Station & Wait Area
Winthrop Care Medical Office / Consolation Office
Winthrop Care Medical Office / Exam Room

Hebe Chen

Interior Architecture & Design / MFA

Inspiration for me is drawn from a multicultural background that has been built from my years of having to constantly travel and relocate between the US and Asia. Besides observing the beauty of architecture and design in my travels, I have also had the chance to work with various people from different cultural backgrounds. These experiences have given me a different perspective on global interior design. Throughout my time that I have spent studying at AAU, I have gained new knowledge and design skills through reading, drawing, designing, and practicing, while also working in the field with those who I can continue to learn from and be inspired by. I believe design is innovative through making new changes.

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