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Michelle Reformitha

Interior Architecture & Design / BFA

I was born in Surabaya, Indonesia. My enthusiasm for art derives from my family. Growing up in the middle of a family that is so engaged and involved with furniture and interior design had influenced my passion and interest in interior design from an early age. Strong knowledge of colors, sense of spaces, and details become a beneficial asset for me.

I moved to Canada to pursue a high school education in June 2014. I finished high school within one and a half years, and received the Ontario Scholar in December 2015. I decided to move to San Francisco to continue my studies at the Academy of Art University's department of Interior Architecture and Design, in 2016. After four years of learning and studying at AAU, I will finally complete my Bachelor of Fine Art, in Interior Architecture and Design, in December 2020.

Since the age of 15, I have been moving and traveling the world, which not only helped be become independent, but it also introduced me to a variety of architectural designs, styles, and cultures. My passion is to explore various design styles and colors, with the consolidation of considerate and thoughtful space planning. Through exploring, I am pushing myself t0 continue learning and improving my skills, as I believe there is no limit to learning. I aim to make extraordinary designs that are both aesthetically satisfying, and can also improve one’s quality of life.

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