Sea Memory
Photo by: Jie Liu; Medium: Handmade paper, sterling silver, shells, mini glass bottle; 12x12x12 in

Jie Liu

Jewelry & Metal Arts / BFA

Jie Liu obtained her BFA in fashion design from the University of Soochow. While studying fashion, she developed a strong interest in jewelry design and decided to study Jewelry & Metal Arts at Academy of Art University. She is expected to graduate with her second BFA in Spring 2020.

The main goal of Jie's work in both fashion and jewelry is to externalize thoughts, emotions, and experiences, and to translate concepts. Jewelry is a path to self-knowledge, which makes herself ask questions and seek answers. Jie uses the classic techniques of jewelry⁠—using silver, copper, and brass⁠—but also works with gemstones, handmade paper, acrylic, and a variety of other materials.

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