Remember Me Summer (necklace)
Photo by: Ying Lin; Medium: Bronze, copper, crystal quartz; 11.5x10.5x0.5 in
Remember Me Summer (brooch)
Photo by: Ying Lin; Medium: Bronze; 2.75x1.25x1 in
Hope Catcher 1 (brooch)
Photo by: Ying Lin; Medium: Silver, bronze; 3.5x2x0.75 in
Hope Catcher 2 (brooch)
Photo by: Ying Lin; Medium: Silver, ruby; 2x2x0.5 in
Growth Identity (ring set)
Photo by: Ying Lin; Medium: Copper, silver, gold, wood; 3.5x1.5x0.75 in
Growing (bangle set)
Photo by: Ying Lin; Medium: 3D-printed resin, acrylic painting dye; 6.75x5.5x3 in
The Gaze (shoulder piece)
Photo by: Ying Lin; Medium: Bronze, acrylic, resin, wool; 11x19x7 in
Forget Me Not (necklace)
Photo by: Ying Lin; Medium: Bronze, copper, paua shell, lapis lazuli; 9.75x7x0.75 in

Ying Lin

Jewelry & Metal Arts / MA

Ying (Lynn) Lin was born and raised in China. She received her BFA in marketing from Liverpool University in the UK and began a career in real estate marketing in 2010. Since then, she started collecting different styles of jewelry artwork and also began making jewelry. In 2017, she moved to Beijing, and for one year she participated in a number of jewelry workshops, such as 798 Art Zone and WenYi Art studio.

In 2019, Lynn was awarded a scholarship for an MA degree in Jewelry & Metal Arts at Academy of Art University. She took this opportunity to switch lanes and move to San Francisco, where she could study and focus on her artwork. Lynn has since taken part in a number of group exhibitions, including the 2019 Spring Show and JEM: A Timeline. In 2020, her work was included in the Artist’s Vision exhibition hosted by Marin Society of Artists Gallery.

Lynn uses her artwork as a response to her observations and feelings. Her recent series, Fig and Fig Wasp - What Makes a Memory, was inspired by her childhood memories. She combines different materials and techniques to create visual contrasts and metaphors within these works. Her use of rigid metal, fragile wings, and broken shapes explore contrasting ideas within a flowing, unified, and unending life. Her current work, Growth, Identity, explores the relationship between parents and children. In order to express these intense but close relationships, each ring’s function has given way to symbolic forms, and the result is both robust and delicate, playful, yet pointed.

2nd Place MFA/MA

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