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Felix Torresnieves

Felix Torresnieves

Landscape Architecture / BFA

I am Felix Torres, and I am excited to be in my last semester at the School of Landscape Architecture. My passion for art, science, the stewardship of nature, and the ability to serve others through the art of design are the qualities that first attracted me to landscape architecture. The idea that design is essential to creating spaces that can function to help solve social and environmental problems drives my passion for the field. However, I am most excited to experience the collaborative aspect of the profession as I believe collaboration is key to unlocking relationships and innovation.

Prior to my undertaking of the journey to becoming a landscape architect, I have worked as both a research lab scientist and as a medical lab scientist. This background has allowed me to develop a strong scientific foundation, an ability to think critically, and a strong sense of attention to detail. I am also a United States Army veteran serving honorably for 10 years. Through my service, I learned the importance of hard work, discipline, organization, and teamwork.

Outside of landscape architecture, I enjoy a wide range of hobbies including: travel, birding, plant collection, gardening, scuba diving, hiking, dancing, writing, cooking, and spending time with my family and friends.

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