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Marianela Gutierrez Rullan

Marianela Gutierrez Rullan

Landscape Architecture / MA

My name is Marianela Rullan, I was born in Villahermosa, a medium city located in the state of Tabasco, in the south of my beloved country, Mexico.

I can recall that since I was a little girl, my favorite activity was to be outside and surrounded by nature, I also loved to draw and express my feelings through art. Eventually, I became fascinated by the environment in all of its expressions and its relationship with design. All these characteristics led me to study a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture, in Mexico City. After finishing my studies, I worked in architectural firms for some years but felt like something was missing, I didn't want to be encapsulated to architectural design, so I decided to focus my future in Landscape Architecture.

My goal is to work on a firm that stands for its sustainability, ecological, and community values in design. I would like to benefit from the experiences I learned at school and in the workplace to eventually start my own firm where I can implement the knowledge and vision acquired from years of practice in the Landscape Architecture field. In Mexico, Landscape Architecture is not very well represented and recognized so I would like to be one of the future main exponents in my country.

My vision for the future is to focus more professionally on sustainable design, and the programming of functional spaces. I would like to create spaces that can work for the community, but also comply with the future of our planet, hoping to inspire people to develop a greater future for all of us.

I still find the most peace when I am creating something artistic, either related to architecture, landscape design, or watercolor painting. I also enjoy exercising and going for hikes.

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