Sue Bierman Park - Site Plan
Sue Bierman Park - Site Sections
Sue Bierman Park - Concept Diagram
Sue Bierman Park - Perpective
Sue Bierman Park - Perspective
Sue Bierman Park - Perpective

Qiaofeng Wang

Landscape Architecture / MA

My name is Qiaofeng Wang, you can also call me Joe. I'm from Wuhan, China. My father was an architect, and when I was a child, I had access to design drawings or architectural models. I thought these were the coolest things. In high school, I began to understand the traditional gardens in southern China. I was deeply attracted by the scenery of traditional Chinese gardens, as the limited space used different visual experiences to create a broad feeling. For my undergraduate career, I chose environmental art design, which gave me an initial understanding of landscape design. To learn more about modern landscape architecture, I came to the United States to improve my professional ability. In my opinion, the idea of the East and West is to coexist well and develop better, and that plays into landscape architecture design. My goal is to integrate Eastern and Western influences into my landscape architeture designs.

I also spend my time collecting sneakers. I have probably collected more than one hundred pairs of sneakers, which all have a special meaning to me.

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