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Tammy Jo Tillman

Tammy Jo Tillman

Landscape Architecture / BFA

Hello, my name is Tammy Tillman. I am a 53 year old artist , parent and grandparent from Kansas City, Missouri. After my youngest son was incarcerated, I fell into a deep depression and searched for a positive outlet to help me through. I discovered watercolors. From the very first time I put my brush on the paper I was fascinated. I love how the pigment dominates the paper, doing whatever it wants to do. I love watching it bloom and move. It was the outlet I needed.

I was a student in the Residential Planning program at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh until it closed. I am excited to now be attending the School of Landscape Architecture’s online degree program at the Academy of Art University. In December 2019, I started a part time internship at David Manica Architecture, in Kansas City MO. David and his team design stadiums, arenas and other public venues all over the world. His team designed the San Diego Stadium and Convention Center.

My goal is to be a licensed landscape architect and make Paint Girl Designs LLC a successful working business that can be sustainable and leave a legacy for my family and future generations. Ultimately, I see myself working in the urban planning and development sector of landscape architecture. I see so much potential for pocket parks, linear walking parks, and general beautification in the urban areas where I live.

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