Alex Lobera

Motion Pictures & Television / MFA

I’m Alex Lobera, film director. I was born in Quebec, Canada, to an unwed adolescent mother, and given up for adoption, spending my days in a children’s home, La Sauvegarde De L'enfance, which roughly translates to the Protector of Children. You would think this would be great fodder for a storyteller, the source of many gut-wrenching, soul-crushing experiences that would serve as ink for the quill. I hate to disappoint you: it wasn’t. What I know about the place and my beginning comes from my adoptive parents – Cuban emigres, who swooped me up when I was eight months old, and nurtured me in a comfortable, loving home.

Almost every night my mother, and occasionally my father, would lie in bed next to me, and tell bedtime stories. The tales weren’t of castles and cowboys, but rather of their lives as children in Cuba before Fidel came into power. Departing Cuba with little more than the clothes on their back, their currency was less the Canadian dollar, and more the stories they lived and told in tender fashion. But those stories, and my parents who encouraged me to tell my own, are a large part of who I am.

Ignorant of the fact that you could actually go to school to learn how to make movies, I never voiced my dream of one day making them, though being involved in moviemaking was all I ever wanted to be doing ever since I stepped into a movie theater for the first time. Had I told my parents and teachers, I might by now, have a slew of Directed by credits to my name. Instead, proudly trailing my last name are the letters, MD. As a practicing physician for more than half my life, I have collected a treasure trove of stories, characters, and experiences. I look forward to bringing them to life in the small and large screen for all of you to see.

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