Andrew Savage

Motion Pictures & Television / BFA

Born in Marin County, I graduated High School in 2004. Afterwards I headed south to Santa Barbara, where I enrolled in City College. During my time there, I studied English and ran track and field. I got a scholarship to run track in Missouri, so I headed out there while working on my English degree.

After two years I felt I needed a break from all the training, so I returned back to California to work as a Lifeguard. Working and traveling for a few years led me to rethink the kind of university I wanted to earn my degree.. I decided to attend an arts university: Academy of Art University fit the bill.

I quickly took to directing, and have found success working on short films. I haven't let COVID quell my creativity. It's sparked me to shoot about my life in lockdown - quite fun, actually. The filming, not the lockdown.

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