Junseok Eom

Motion Pictures & Television / MFA

My name is Junseok Eom. I am from the Republic of Korea.

I believe film has the power to transform and awaken people. Even save them from their darkest impulses. That is a theme you will find consistently in my work. This is why I make films.

The first film I ever saw was Rambo 1: First Blood. My friends spilled out of the theater, gushing more about the boxing sequences than the characters. Rocky reclaiming his self-worth was not even on their radar. It was on mine. Even in my experimental films, where I play around with linearity and fractured images and unexpected music cues, you will notice my exploration of the meaning of life, and the place one holds in the world.

I invite you to watch, This is a Smell, Paul, Sky and Ceiling, Se So Neon music video, Toner, Water & Forgiveness, and 501 Taylor: Quarantine. Then, let’s have a conversation.

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