Koching "Sunny" Lin

Motion Pictures & Television / BFA

My name is Sunny Lin. I was born in Taipei, and raised in California. I fell in love with cinema at an early age. Watching movies in different languages was like traveling the world without leaving your home.

I make films because I want to be a part of this magic-making process. Studying at the Academy of Art University with an emphasis in directing, I set out to tell stories on a small character-driven scale. Stories with intimacy, front and center.

During my junior year of college, I worked at the Center for Asian American Media as a Marketing Intern. I’ve also worked at the Japan Film Festival of San Francisco as the Film Festival Logistics Coordinator. I enjoy being active and interactive with the local creative community. I love meeting and collaborating , with fellow creatives in a wide array of disciplines and crafts.

I've had the great privilege to direct a wide range of short films, music videos, branded content, and commercials. Additionally, I have produced several spec commercials and music videos.

In my work, I hope to explore the conflicts between cultures, a topic that defines my perception of the world. I am passionate about telling stories that center on women, gender equality, and identity. I want to create work that is empowering, uplifting, and can serve as a model on how to empathize with people different than oneself.

I believe in humanity and the power of influence, and the belief that everything happens for a reason. Films I love the most are the ones that feel like a poem, where the moving images are breathing, and the rhythm of the words become the underlying harmony.

In addition to making films, I enjoy making coffee, shooting photographs, going to concerts, and people-watching when I have extra time on my hands.

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