Olivia Krochko

Motion Pictures & Television / MFA

As the oldest of eleven siblings, being a storyteller and leader were always at the forefront of my life. Coming from such a uniquely large family I was able to draw huge inspiration from, and for, them. My inspiration to join the film world largely stemmed from my unique family circumstances, but also from my travels abroad. Since beginning my career in the film industry I have had the blessing to study my craft in New York, California, Paris, Morocco, and now in Florida where I currently reside.

I began my career at St. John's University in Queens, NY, which is where my palate for the arts began to develop. Exposure to the vast diverse cultures and people inhabiting New York City opened my eyes to the plethora of stories that could need to be told. My time spent in the most famous museums and studio galleries in the world, the fashionable stores on 5th and Madison Avenues, and the grittier mean streets of the city, shaped me as a young artist and director.

After completing my BA in Film and TV, I decided that my career and experiences with the arts had only just begun. My artistic journey would lead me to Academy of Art University, in San Francisco, where I truly found my love for production design. I was able to delve into all the roles on a film set and found a talent and passion for both directing and designing films.

I currently spearhead my own film company, Safety Pin Productions. I love making period films, and am a fanatic in creating authentic renderings mirroring the time period and locations. I’ve made films set in medieval times, and World War II – each was an exciting challenge in its own way.

I now work for The Walt Disney Co. in Orlando, FL where I am working towards my dream of pursuing a career as an Imagineer. And as I manage my own company, continue to explore the world, and create magic as a Cast Member I still find, It’s kind of fun to do the impossible –an adage Walt Disney lived by.

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