Raina Bakshi

Motion Pictures & Television / BFA

My first experience having anything to do with the arts was dance. My parents had a passion for music of all genres. Watching them and experiencing music myself, I learned the impact of music on the body. Music propelled me to dance, and dance was the way I was able to express myself, and visualize the world around me.

Dance was a great introduction to the world of art because once I was exposed I knew it was what I wanted to master. That decision was formed, in large part, by my parents, relatives, and teachers, who told me in their own ways that I had a unique way of looking at the world. I didn’t know exactly what they meant, but I took it as license to continue moving through space and time in the ways move through space and time knew that I just needed to do what I was doing.

As I grew older I knew I wanted to tell stories, not through the medium of dance, but through movies. I quickly discovered editing as the craft through which I would do so. Taking an immense pool of information and crafting a story that leaves viewers glued to their seats, takes them on a journey into unknown territory, and evokes emotions in their hearts makes me feel like I am contributing something meaningful to people’s lives.

I have been honored to be invited onto projects, entrusted by student producers, directors, and teachers to not simply follow their leads but to express my own creativity in the crafting of their stories.

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