Yaqi Mao

Motion Pictures & Television / MFA

Yaqi Mao, Film-maker, CEO of Titian Entertainment Co., Ltd. in Beijing. One of his video advertisements, Sincerely, I Hope You Could Be With Me. won the grade award of the National Public Service Advertisement Competition of the Information Office of the Ministry of Education of China.

Yaqi pursued his MFA degree at Academy of Art University. While there, he and his collaborator, Zheng Wu, composed the soundtrack for the short film, Free Ride (2019), which won the best short award at the Los Angeles Film Awards and best comedy at the Austin Comedy Award Festival.

As a songwriter, his rock-style song, People Forget, won the Silver Prize of Best Songwriting and Best Song in Global Music Awards.

Yaqi's music video, Blackhole, which he directed, received the Best Music Video at the London Independent Film Awards, and Vegas Movie Awards in 2019.

Yaqi's fascination with music production, sound design and production design led him to intern at South Sea Art Center in San Francisco, and as a production designer in One Piece, a company based in Silicon Valley.

Yaqi also participated in the seminar on the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the United States and China as a student representative in San Francisco.

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