Yu "Kevin" Chang

Motion Pictures & Television / BFA

My name is Yu Chang, I'm currently studying at Academy of Art University in San Francisco, majoring in Motion Pictures and Television. I started my filmmaking career during high school back in Taiwan. The school I attended provided a competitive environment for student growth, and soon I realized that this was where I wanted to dedicate my enthusiasm.

After I graduated from high school, I started making travel films, shorts, and commercials with people who have the same interests. I posted my work on social media (Facebook, Instagram and Youtube), using those platforms as my portfolio. My work received interest from people in different geographical areas, and I was asked to make videos for them.

I took the opportunity presented to me and worked as a freelancer. In the beginning, I faced many obstacles. I was capable of shooting and video editing, but it wasn’t easy to handle everything by myself because filmmaking, at the end of the day, is a collaborative art.

I decided to come to the United States to pursue my filmmaking dream, as well as to enhance my English speaking ability so that I can collaborate with individuals all over the world. I am now in my last year at AAU, and I genuinely feel that I have grown as a filmmaker.

Although there were tears and joy throughout every collaboration I took part in, I really enjoyed the challenges and reveled in my successful efforts to overcome them. Throughout my journey, I have been successful in building my reputation as a reliable, creative cinematographer, who works well with his crew. I'll keep doing what I love the most, no matter where I am.

Hopefully, I will get the chance to stay and work in the United States (since this is where the majority of filmmakers want to be): specifically in Hollywood). But who knows? Maybe I'll end up working around the world.

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