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Ziwen Ge

Motion Pictures & Television / BFA

I never missed an American movie that managed to find its way into the movie theaters in Hangzhou, where I grew up. Most of those movies were American and Hong Kong action-adventure popcorn films, which my friends gladly joined me in my forays to the movie theater. However, when the indie films rolled into the local theater, my friends deserted me. My resentment at being alone disappeared the moment the lights went black, and the movie faded up.

Despite my love of cinema, the thought of making a career in film and television industry never entered my mind. From the time I was young until the beginning of high school, I thought of movies as these magical concoctions that were suddenly conjured into existence. And even when my naivete was kicked to the curb, it would have taken me way more than six degrees of separation to find anyone I knew or knew of, who had anything to do with the film or television business.

The magical concoction notion disappeared when I visited Hengdian. Interspersed between old palaces and cobbled streets were film studios churning out studio blockbusters: Hero, The Forbidden Kingdom, The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, to name a few. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to see any filming because the streets were well walled off from everyone but those involved in the production. I wasn't going to let that stop me. I took matters into my own hands. I spotted a group of people being herded to the set. I slipped in their midst, made it past security, and found a hidden spot to watch the filming.

I write this memory now and get goosebumps, the same way I did when I heard the director yell, Action, the camera dollying past a crowd of stands of buyers and vendors, the operator sitting high above, the lead actor evading a throng of pursuers, who plowed down a few of the people who I had been walking with just an hour before. I had decided at that moment, what I wanted to do in life: be that man in the high seat behind the camera.

So, here you now find me, having completed my cinematography and producing studies at Academy of Art University. Fluent in all camera operating systems; experience earned by working on narrative shorts, documentaries, music videos, and PSAs with professional clients, I’m hungrier than ever to work with seasoned professionals. As I wait out the restrictions caused by the pandemic, I have been developing projects to both produce and shoot.

I would love to cast a wider net and collaborate with creative people. Meet with me and let's see what we can cook up.

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