Alston Hsu

Music Production & Sound Design for Visual Media / MFA

Alston Hsu has been hooked on sound and mixing for as long as he can remember. Before coming to the Academy of Art University, Hsu earned his bachelor’s degree in Digital Design of Short Film Production. In the process of producing short films, he realized that he gravitated towards sound and mixing over the visual components. Since he did not have professional audio courses in his degree program, so he was largely self-taught before coming to ArtU. After graduation, Hsu chose to enter the film industry in the United States to learn about film professionally and to build up his sound design and mixing skillsets.

Hsu is honored to be recognized for the 2020 Spring Show, and he sends appreciation to his parents, professors, and everyone who he has met and learned so much from.

Making this film enhanced Hsu's attention to detail, frame by frame. His confidence increased throughout the project, allowing him to make the characters come to life and pull the audience into the film. To achieve this, Hsu took extra care to design and edit the sound to create just the right ambiance and mood. As George Lucas says, “Sound is 50% of the movie”, and Hsu loves this 50%! He does not consider sound design, editing, or mixing to be a job; they all consume his life in such a way as to bring him purpose and joy. He enjoys work in this field immensely, and hopes you feel similarly about his work!

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