Austin Coffee

Music Production & Sound Design for Visual Media / BFA

Austin is a classically trained composer specializing in scoring for visual media. Integrating technique from his classical background in piano and guitar with cutting-edge music production workflows, Austin crafts unique scores for film, animation, advertisements, and video games. Austin is at home in many musical styles, including orchestral, cinematic, jazz, rock, electronic, ambient, world, and more. In addition to composing scores, Austin also serves as a producer for artists' records and as a music educator for high school students.

This demo reel is a collection of some of the musical highlights from Austin's past year. Each of the clips features an original musical score that he has composed, produced, mixed, and mastered. Cowboy Culture is a Canadian documentary series. Austin's score features bluegrass elements as well as Copland-esque Americana elements. Life As Yakov is another documentary. Austin's score demonstrates contemporary documentary scoring techniques including reverse reverb tails and polyrhythmic motifs. Chase was a school project. Austin's hybrid cinematic score features high-intensity synth bass, ethnic percussion, and orchestral strings. Evolution Bureau is an advertisement for an ad agency. Austin's score incorporates hip-hop techniques with ambient electronic and textural elements. Pigeon is an animated short film that has competed in ten film festivals. Austin's score draws upon jazz as well as traditional animation scoring practices. Omi is an animation test for an animated short. Austin's score features an entirely traditional Asian instrumentation, including Erhu, Pipa, Guzheng, and Dizi. The Dragons of Melgor is an animatic for a project through the Academy. Austin's score draws upon the Romantic film scoring tradition. Legendale was another school project through the Academy. Austin's score is a harmonically-oriented orchestral lament. Growing is an animated short-- a collaboration through the Academy. Austin's score features a passionate string and piano chamber ensemble.

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