Brad Stock

Music Production & Sound Design for Visual Media / BFA

During times of trouble, music has the power to calm, provoke, energize, soothe, and empower. When it speaks to the time in which we live, it can spark recognition of our own humanity, or even the lack of it.

Brad Stock's father, who died in 2014, impressed in Stock a love and devotion to music above all else he gave. Music, and surfing big waves, got Stock through over two decades of traumatic work in the field of Emergency Medicine. But the music would not let go. 

Recently, he realized that his own dream of creating and working with sound professionally was on life support, and he has dedicated himself to healing through music ever since. While new to the Music Scoring and Composition program at ArtU, he is actively building on skills that he has accumulated since the age of 15.

Stock's featured work was first written on a porch in Layton, Utah, in the previous life lived many years ago. His Logic X class at ArtU was tasked with creating an acoustic-based project with strings and orchestra. This was the impetus for revisiting the original song, and creating the sound-world that you will hear in the video. Stock performed and produced the whole piece himself. Even the visuals are Stock's own, shot on a rainy night in San Francisco. He appreciates you for taking the time to review his work.

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