Hecong Tan

Music Production & Sound Design for Visual Media / BFA

Hecong Tan is a music producer and composer working as an independent contractor with over five years' experience in using digital audio workstations. Additionally, he has over fifteen years of classical piano training. He started producing music when he was a keyboard player in a band. In high school, he took over a microfilm project which was originally written and shot by students. While he took on the project just for fun, he indavertently brought himself into the film score field.

Tan's skills in music production range from electronic dance music to orchestral music. He is most fulfilled when we can combine these two polar opposite styles into what he terms the electronic orchestra. The sound design from electronic music and the dramatic orchestral music makes something exciting and truly different.

Tan's featured work, FTL, is an original film by DUST, microfilm production group focused on science fiction. It is about a spacecraft pilot named Kane lost in the deep space in a faster-than-light spacecraft that is out of control until a group of aliens bring Kane back to Earth. Tan composed music for the whole clip with the help of a digital audio workstation and also some live instrument recording. His goal was to represent the epic feeling to complement the climactic moment of the film. The music also creates a strong contradistinction between the emotions of the pilot Kane and the audiences who sympathize with his struggle. The score in this clip is also heavily linked with the eventual happy ending of the film. Tan hopes you appreciate his score for this film clip!

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