Samantha McGurk

Writing for Film, Television & Digital Media / BFA

I am an artist in the throes of a passionate love affair with words. When it comes to pouring my heart out on the page, every part of my life is available and fair game.

It wasn’t always that way. Before screenwriting, I served seven years in the Navy as an Aviation Structural Mechanic for H-60 Bravos and Romeos (helicopters), and during that time, I went on four deployments. The rigorous demands of the job and the surly temperament of the sea gave me an in-depth perspective about life, humanity, and the world we live in. I'm eternally grateful for the experiences I had in the military. And I came out of it mechanically inclined, which is pretty cool, because I can literally fix anything.

Fixing the words on the page was another matter: I discovered how mad and despairing Sisyphus must have felt inching the boulder up a mountain, only to find it barreling down inches from its destination at the top. More than I care to count, I found myself stabbing the Delete key, pages of work and hours of time down the drain.

But I’m nothing if not tough. And patient. And persistent. All of which have made me a better writer. And helped me reap awards and nominations at film festivals. But more importantly, put me in a place to tell the comedic and dramatic stories currently gestating in my mind, borne of a virus invisible to the eye, that has unleashed havoc in the world.

Before the virus upended my life, and after it departs, you will most likely find me performing improv in a theater in the Mission, in my favorite café a short block away, writing sketch comedy, or at my desk writing songs. As I told you at the start, my romance with words is intense.

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