Dakota Jenkins

Dakota Jenkins

Acting / BFA

Introducing a whole new human you haven’t met yet. With new patch notes for the recently updated “Humans20.20.exe” you’ll receive the most out of your product by combining your vision and creativity. This Dakota model is completely man-made with no GMO’s. It specifically was produced on 6/6/93, but still has warranty for at very least another thirty years before having to be returned to the original factory status for a hard reset.

Dakota is here to help fellow humans accept the fact that they have shadows living inside of them, and faults, which they should acknowledge. This model thrives in being the antagonist and antihero, mainly in horror films due to the reference the main developer used, but this version of Dakota equally loves filming comedy.

The model, though passionate for showing the audience who they really are, doesn’t have hard limits on preferences. Some reviews have stated in the past that Dakota is better suited for Rom-Com's and other “sweetheart," “nice guy” roles, Dakota does not have to be right all the time: he awaits your call.

You’ll find that Dakota is willing to do what it takes to get a story made, whatever it takes to get the shot. Need a charismatic generic office man to slather himself in butter in the boss’ office with a thong on, in your next Netflix series? Say no more, he's all-in with his chips, at the sheer mention of the word, “slather.”

Similar to shopping lists, when you choose Dakota for the job, you’re getting the item you grabbed on the shelf, but you're also coming home with that extra pizza and ice cream you had no intention of taking.

A review from humans who know Dakota:

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Review
Plays well with others, a good friend who's always willing to listen. Great taste in people he calls friends and isn't afraid to stand up for what he believes in.

I think of him as an intense person.

Honest and sincere.

Unique, funny, kind!


He once drew a whole book of dicks for his friend's wedding

Reliable, tough, kind, funny, intelligent. (Spicy)

10/10 Would friend again! Phenomenal Human being!

He was called the leech in middle school football because he never let go of the ball carrier.

Definitely a person that will always keep things interesting! 👍💯

May exhibit demonic tendencies

Quirky, sincere, talented, dedicated and all-around fly guy!

One reason I date you is because you’re entertaining.

So, what are you waiting for?


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