David Herrera

David Herrera

Acting / MFA

On the third day of my life, I became an international traveler. Born in the border town of El Paso, Texas, my family actually lived across the border, in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. After the birth of my last sibling, California became my home. I spent my formative years in Southern California, and my adult years in Northern California. Throughout my life's journey, the one thing that has remained constant is entertaining. My brother, sister, and I would create radio shows: morning intros, weather reports, interviews with our neighbors.

My passion for acting ignited the moment I landed my first acting gig, as The Giant in The Giant and the Bean Stock (when I was in third grade), and as a young Baritone in the 7th-grade chorus. Unfortunately, taking care of my family and life took precedence over the dream.

Education has always been a huge part of my life, both formal and informal. Being the first in my family to obtain a formal education and having inspired many of my cousins to obtain their own degrees has been very rewarding.

I obtained a BA in Sociology from UC Santa Cruz (Go Banana Slug!), and I am graduating with an MFA in acting at Academy of Art University. Life, family, and mentors have all provided me with informal education that has shaped the careers I have held: Paralegal, Accountant, Insurance Agent, and Actor. These experiences have influenced my acting or as I call it, living truthfully in imaginary circumstances.

What is life without giving? It warms my soul to give back and help those down on their luck. I was many time, a recipient of someone else's kindness: I will never forget that. Some of my favorite ways to give back to my community is by either donating, volunteering, lending my knowledge, talent and time serving on boards and raising much needed money for local non-profits through the Grand Ducal Council of San Francisco.

I am proud and humbled to know that I have made a difference in someone's life as someone made a difference in mine. I have helped raise over $450,000 in the past seven years for charities like ProjectOpenHand, who provides meals with love to critically ill neighbors and seniors; Aguilas El Ambiente, which creates a supportive, culturally sensitive environment for gay/bisexual Latinos; and many other local organizations making a huge difference in the quality of life and mental health in our communities.

I find that it's important to have a balanced life, to have some one-on-one to connect, relax, and breathe. Cooking has always grounded me. Whether it's cooking a meal for myself or an eight course sit down dinner for thirty. Cooking feeds my soul: a perfect complement to acting.

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