Kiah Netherly

Kiah Netherly

Acting / BFA

I am an undergraduate at Academy of Art University, currently in my fourth year, and majoring in acting. I started my career on stage in a high school play, taking on the role of Dr. Armstrong in the production of And Then There Were None, and realized that I had found my true passion.

In high school, I was also a member of Choir and Vocal Motion. We competed against other southern California high schools. I learned valuable singing and choreographic skills, and learned the importance of communicating and collaborating with peers. While in high school, I also sang solos during Spring and Fall festivals.

At AAU, I've had the opportunity to participate in student thesis film projects (Homeless; Waitress - directed by Pierce Amaro. produced by Jay Fengas) and a production of Vagina Monologues (Karen Hirst, director), playing the Elderly Woman; and Lady in Yellow in a version of For Colored Girls, directed by Pedro Leos. 

Since those early years, I have gained more experience shooting commercials, monologues, and scenes on the soundstages. I've had the pleasure of working with Jana Memel, Academy-Award winner, and Executive Director of the Schools of Entertainment, in a reel development class designed to create work for actor's demo reels.

I have grown as an actress by accepting the challenge to let my guard down and be truthful to the character and myself. My growth can be seen in a scene in Thank you for Smoking. I am truly grateful for being given this opportunity to have the guided care and education of my instructors. I feel more confident with each project I'm cast in.

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