Maeron Yeshiwas

Maeron Yeshiwas

Acting / MFA

I am really proud of my Bay Area Ethiopian/Eritrean (Habesha) community and family for showing me the beauty and richness of what it means to be proud of who you are. Especially my two brothers who keep supporting me and keep the jokes coming.

I remember sitting in the movie theater with you holding hands and crying as we watched Titanic. This was also a film that I would watch with my grandmother who spoke very little English, but still loved the movie. It was that kind of storytelling that could cross languages, continents, and generations that drove me to want to be an actor. And yes, I think they both could have fit on the door, but I did enjoy the bittersweet parting of lovers. Ah, drama. 

I am also proud of my parents and their love of nature, They continuously plant in our backyard and never touch the plants afterwards. Thank you for my never-ending job of yard maintenance and, I think, the lesson of persistence and dedication. This led to a love of nature and animals. I have a pretty big knowledge of animals that most people don’t know about. My favorite animals are Pachyderms, which are a group of large mammals with thick skin: hippopotamuses, elephants, and rhinos. Also, tapirs,

I still have love for you. My fascination of animals has led me on adventures and some potentially dangerous situations. For example, venturing through lakes on a small boat getting too close to hippos; and let's not forget, driving to the middle of the savannah and stalking a hyena den.

This sense of adventure allows my heart to go on and I find myself in interesting places where I can learn about myself. I learned I am allergic to henna. I got some henna done in Kenya two years ago and had a terrible allergic reaction, it’s still on my arm.

Good news is I got to keep my arm, but now have a semi-permanent henna tattoo. Feel free to ask if you would like to see it. I also have pictures from the allergic reaction that will make your stomach twist. It’s a flower print so naturally my parents love it.

Thanks, fam.

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