Spring Awards 2020

Spring Awards 2020

Integrated Campaign

Each year the School of Animation and Visual Effects puts on the Spring Awards, which are open to ALL Animation and Visual Effects students. This was the first year that Visual Development students were also invited to submit work.

Students submitted to win in many categories of 2D and 3D Animation, from VFX Compositing to Stop Motion and more from the school's most talented students.

The theme for this year's intro and bumpers was a celebration of San Francisco and its many landmarks, and a group of artists used visual effects, traditional animation and 3D animation to put a unique spin on the imagery of the Bay Area..

Students, staff, faculty, and both full-time and part-time lab technicians worked to craft the look and style of the show, and worked with music artists to secure songs for the final edit of this show. Department Leads introduced each category and award on a live stream to students.

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