Sergio Rincón

Animation & Visual Effects / MA

Sergio Rincon is a graphic designer, 3D animation technologist and specialist in advertising design from Bucaramanga – Colombia.

He worked in advertising for four years, and now is finishing a Master's degree in Visual Effects. In 2018, he earned a scholarship from a Colombian organization called Colfuturo to earn an MA in Animation and Visual Effects at the Academy of at University. He also got the grant portfolio scholarship for the spring 2019 semester. During my first semester of classes, he earned a second-place award at the spring show in the VFX compositing category.

In summer 2019, he was included in the draft selection in the Visual effects category of the 2019 Rookie Awards. In August 2019, he was a semifinalist in the Sony Xperia Film Festival, with a VFX video clip called “Wonder”.

He worked as a VFX Compositor at Studio X during Summer and Fall 2019. In addition, he had a CPT internship in the Company Creative Technology San Francisco, where he improved his compositing skills in Nuke and Flame.

Spring Awards winner: Compositing
Spring Awards runner up: VFX Short

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