Adam Liu

Animation & Visual Effects / BFA

Adam Liu is a compositing major. He worked as a compositor for five years in China.

Comic books and video games influenced him and pushed him to be a VFX artist. In high school, he studied in art courses and learned basic art techniques. At his two-year college, his major was Multiple Communication Design. At that time, he studied animation, and he did three animated short-films.

After that, he was engaged in producing "Soman" in 2009, for which he did modeling and texture mapping. This film was nominated for Best Animation short film at the 2012 Golden Harvest Awards. Then, he produced animation for a TV drama. In this film, he was an animation and compositing artist. In 2016, he participated in producing a web series - "K.O. 3an Guo" and "K.O. One: Re-call" as a data wrangler and VFX compositor in China for two-years.

He came back to the Academy of Art University to continue learning VFX.

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