Annie Xiao

Animation & Visual Effects / BFA

Annie Xiao is a 3D artist, focused on creature and props modeling. Her exposure to computer graphics animation at Academy of Art University opened her eyes to the possibilities of the digital medium. Her love of Enchanted Doll, created by Marina Bychkova, inspired her creativity and imagination. With the intent of creating her unique doll, she dug into traditional organic sculpting. Her experience working in traditional media enhanced her understanding of volume and form when applied to digital media. She collaborated with Studio X and other student projects. In the team, she is always highly appreciated due to her work performance and her cheerful personality. She is highly active in researching the current industry trends, always absorbing new knowledge. She attends industry conferences such as SIGGRAPH and GDC to get the first-hand of the cutting-edge knowledge. With four years of experience in CG art, she is the perfect artist to reach out to highly detailed models for animation, film, and games.

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