Erhardian Siswadi

Animation & Visual Effects / BFA

Erhardian Siswadi is an FX Artist who is studying in the Academy of Art pursuing his Bachelor's Degree. Throughout his years in the Academy, he has honed his technical expertise and artistic eye to produce creative photoreal and stylized effects. He can use programs such as SideFx Houdini to create Particle, FLIP, Pyro, and Rigid body effects. Having been part of the Academy's StudioX for two years, Erhardian is no stranger to collaborative work environments. He has worked as an FX Artist in multiple projects, most notably, GoldenMan, HighestSky, Steve, and Good Bad and Beautiful. He joined StudioX as he was taking his first Houdini course, but during his time there, he not only learned Houdini's FX features but also how to create tools that help other FX artists on the show and speed up the pipeline.

Runner Up: Animation and Visual Effects, Dynamic Simulation

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