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Alison Rae Campbell

Alison Rae Campbell

Art Education / MA

Art has enriched my life, linked me to my community, promoted effective collaborations, and expanded my communication skills. Art speaks a universal language, it connects people to themselves, to life, and to the ever changing world around them.

My role as an Art Educator is to create learning environments that address the needs of diverse communities and to provide students an atmosphere where free exploration, design thinking, and creative innovation are encouraged and developed through support and inspiration.

I believe in promoting design dreamers, art adventurers, and curious makers. I urge students to push their creative boundaries, trust their creative instincts, and imagine beyond what already exists.


My Capstone Project entitled ‘The Art Crate’ is a creative space that provides the community opportunities of exploration and artistic freedom through art and innovation. My program seeks to liberate traditional teacher directed learners by encouraging innovation and inquiry, free exploration and experimentation, and endless risk taking opportunities where makers and dreamers can imagine, explore, and build.

Please see my Capstone Documentary below:

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